Robert Witkowski, Dean of Student, SetFocus

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Yubaraj Khanal. Graduating from the SetFocus Master's Program, he excelled in our intense, integrated, in-depth, full time MS Business Intelligence Training Program. I was impressed by his ability to work with many technologies during his time with SetFocus. He has gained experience with the latest Microsoft BI Technologies, including but not limited to: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Microsoft SQL Server Reporting (SSRS), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.
In addition, he has established competency with defining business requirements, designing the Business Process Model and developing, deploying, and managing a BI System. I found his excellent work ethic was demonstrated by his ability to work in an environment with firm deadlines, very large workloads, and complex specifications. He delivers projects in a time efficient manner, is flexible with specification changes and is able to work within teams on assigned projects. I recommend Yubaraj Khanal as a solid addition to your Business Intelligence staff. If you would like more information, I'd be happy to provide it.
Robert Witkowski
Dean of Students-SETFOCUS July 28, 2009

Prof. Dr Uttam Narayan Shrestha, Chairman-Cosmos College

This is to certify that Mr. Yubaraj Khanal has been working as a Visiting Lecturer to this College from November 2004 to November 2005. He was taking lectures in E-Commerce for Bachelor of Engineering level. He has also supervised the project titled Institute Management System for Bachelor of Engineering, Seventh semester students. During his courses of work, I have found Mr. Khanal to be an enthusiastic, hardworking, knowledgeable, and dedicated person. I wish him success and good luck in all his future endeavors.
Prof. Dr. Uttam Narayan Shrestha
Chairman: Cosmos College of Management and Technology Lalitpur, Nepal

Sunil Nanda, Co-Ordinator: Department of Prison Mgmt. Project

It is my pleasure to give reference for Mr. Yubaraj Khanal. Mr. Khanal worked as a Communication and Information Assistant in the Department of Prison Management Project (DoPMP), Nepal from 03 Nov 2004 to 31 March 2005. During the period of his work, Mr. Khanal worked with Information and Communication Officer. Mr. Khanal provided IT services to the project including management of computers, server and networking system in order to operate them smoothly. He also coordinated with project staff and service providers to update and upgrade, website, software and communication system as required. I have found Mr. Khanal a sincere, competent, intelligent, committed and hard working person. He has a pleasing personality, friendly nature and works well in team. I strongly recommend Mr. Khanal for any post of responsibility that suits to his qualifications and experience. My best wishes to Mr. Khanal for a bright future.
Sunil Nanda
Programme Coorinator: Department of Prison Management Project
Regional Director- Penal Reform International Kathmandu, Nepal

Ram Baran Mahato, Manager, Nepal Bank Limited

It is our pleasure to give reference for Mr. Yubaraj Khanal who worked as IT Support Officer (Assistant Manager) as a permanent employee in our branch from dated 16th Februrary 2006 to 14th May 2007. During the period of his work, Mr. Khanal worked closely with IT Department of our Bank. He provided IT Supports to this branch including supports on our banking software NEWTON, Computer and It's peripherals, networking system and leased line connectivity with our head office. During his service period our branch jumps into important steps i.e. from manual banking transaction to live computerized transactions. He also coordinated with bank staffs for business continuity. We found Mr. Khanal a sincere, competent, intelligent, committed and hard working person with pleasing personality, friendly nature and works well in team. We wish him success and good luck in all his future endeavors.
Ram Baran Mahato,
Branch Manager Nepal Bank Limited

Brian Erlich, Trainer:SetFocus

Yubaraj was a valuable member of one of several teams that were assembled to complete the final project for his Setfocus class. He quietly and competently completed both his class work and this project. Yubaraj rarely needed assistance. He demonstrated an ability to resolve challenges quickly and efficiently and worked well as a member of a team. He and his team scored achieved high marks on the final project. Through this project and his class work, Yubaraj has demonstrated a high level of competency with the Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. I know he will be an excellent addition to any organization. The final project was a complete end to end business intelligence solution. The teams were provided a flat database file. They each created a SharePoint site that was used to both collaborate on the project and to display the results of their project work. The students then created an ETL process utilizing SQL Server Integration Services. The ETL process stripped out a minimum of 6 dimension tables and one fact table from the original database file. A date dimension table was built by hand. The data was cleaned and put into a data mart that was designed using Microsoft Visio. The teams next built a cube using SQL Server Analysis Services. The cube contained hand built hierarchies with attribute relationships and at least one named set. Once the cube was completed the teams were required to use MDX to report off of that cube, in several formats.  Parameterized reports were created using Excel services, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Performance Point. The parameterized reports were presented on SharePoint in dashboards, web parts, and as their constituent files. Shared data sources were configured as was a subscription, for one of the reports, which delivered the report daily into a folder on the SharePoint site.
Brian Erlich
Trainer- SetFocus July 29, 2009

Terry Thompson, Student:Master Program-BI, SetFocus

Yubaraj and I were team members at SetFocus for the development of a complete Business Intelligence project (DB design through reporting). He demonstrated a excellent understanding of the BI life cycle and ability to complete assigned task effectively and on tme. He was a team player willing to do what it takes to ensure the entire team was successful. Yubaraj would be an excellent addition to any IT team looking to enhance its organization.
Terry Thompson
Microsoft Business Intelligence Masters Program: SetFocus July 28, 2009

Kelly Souther, Student:Master Program-BI, SetFocus

Yubaraj worked diligently as a team member to bring our project to a successful close. He was knowledgeable, fulfilling his tasks with relative ease and speed. His skill, courtesy and patience would make him a great asset to any BI team.
Kelly Souther
Business Intelligence Student SETFOCUS July 25, 2009